Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative Welcomes Capstone Health Alliance as New Member

Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative Welcomes Capstone Health Alliance as New Member

WASHINGTON (November 12, 2019) – The Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII) is pleased to announce the addition of Capstone Health Alliance as a new group purchasing organization (GPO) member.

“The inclusion of the Capstone Alliance as the newest member of HGPII extends the reach of our process and principles even deeper into the healthcare supply chain. This is an important development for the spread of transparency and accountability in a healthcare system that is seeking to economize in making basic spending decisions.

In joining our process, Capstone has embraced the highest standards of business ethics, and committed to an industry wide effort to guarantee that providers and consumers have the benefit of best practices,” said Phil English, National Coordinator of HGPII.

Capstone Health Alliance is a group purchasing alliance of healthcare members that delivers real cost savings through the power of aggregation and collaboration. Based in Fletcher, North Carolina, Capstone represents over $9 billion in acute care supply chain spend. Capstone delivers quantifiable savings and actionable data that enable better supply chain decisions for our member facilities. In addition to cost savings initiatives, Capstone members collaborate to share best practices and pursue resource utilization initiatives, all with the intent of improving cost, quality, and outcomes in patient care.

“Capstone Health Alliance’s commitment to its members receiving the support and expertise they need to maximize their membership makes this an exciting addition to HGPII,” said Byron Dorgan, National Co-Coordinator of HGPII.

“Capstone is very pleased to have become a member of such a prestigious organization as HGPII and will be bound by their charter, business practices and principles.” Mark Landau, Chief Operating Officer, Capstone Health Alliance.

GPOs Advance New Technology and Innovation: HGPII members are engaged in business practices that facilitate the timely identification and adoption of emerging technologies in the area of healthcare supplies, medical devices, and services for their members. HGPII members frequently host and attend trade and vendor expos and other events that allow them to engage directly with healthcare suppliers. HGPII members also closely review recommendations for products that they receive from their members.

HGPII is managed as an independent institution by Arent Fox LLP, with oversight by key industry leaders. Nine of the nation’s leading GPOs, serving the majority of America’s hospitals, founded HGPII in 2005 to promote and monitor the best ethical and business practices in purchasing for hospitals and other healthcare providers. The goal of the organization is to assure ongoing adherence to ethical conduct and business practices, and to hold the confidence of the public and the Government in the integrity of the industry.