Press Release

On Thursday, February 3rd, the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII) released its 16th Annual Report. This edition contains insights into the role of group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in responding to the critical issues facing the healthcare supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides policy direction focused on improving supply chain resiliency, as well as promoting ethical and professional cost control within the American healthcare system.

The Healthcare Group Purchasing Organization sector has played a critical role in assisting health systems respond to supply disruptions during the pandemic, while it continues to promote transparency, best practices, and competition within the healthcare supply chain, according to a new report issued by the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative. The 2021 Annual Public Accountability Report, the 15th report issued by the private watchdog group, also notes that the member GPO’s are assisting the introduction of new healthcare technology products and policing potential conflicts of interest while reducing healthcare costs.