Arent Fox Hosts Annual HGPII Best Practices Forum

Arent Fox Hosts Annual HGPII Best Practices Forum

On July 22, Arent Fox hosted the HGPII Annual Best Practices Forum, one of the group purchasing sector’s premier training and leadership development conferences.

“This year’s Best Practices Forum advanced the HGPII mission by encouraging ethical best practices in the highest levels of the healthcare group purchasing sector at a time when standards are being refined based on the pandemic experience,” said HGPII National Coordinator Phil English. “During the COVID-19 crisis, GPOs proved to be critical resources for healthcare providers. Now we are applying their insights and experiences to the challenge of hardening the resiliency of a dynamic healthcare supply chain.”

Every year the leaders of the foremost GPOs gather to share experiences, assess supply chain best practices, and learn about innovation in the management of healthcare supply chains that promote cost savings and quality coverage. The forum is an opportunity for supply chain professionals to be on the cutting edge and take a leadership role in promoting transparency and ethical business culture.

“Group purchasing plays such an important role of reducing healthcare costs,” said HGPII Co-Coordinator Byron Dorgan. “Our best practices conference today is designed to strengthen the health care group purchasing practices in the US.”

About the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII)

Since 2005, HGPII has promoted transparency, ethical standards, and business best practices in the healthcare supply chain. It represents an ambitious self-regulatory program whose competing member companies represent purchasing by hospitals, health practices, and long term care providers constituting the preponderance of healthcare spending. The HGPII process involves public questionnaires, interviews, compliance initiatives, and results in an Annual Report that monitor trends in the supply chain.

The 2020 HGPII annual report can be reviewed on our website.